Just Call Me Grace

We were a little late leaving the house this morning. Son had his “late breakfast” in hand, consisting of an Oatmeal to Go bar and milk. He was directly behind me and I started to say, “We’re late, so let’s hurry and get into the car,” but before the word hurry got out of my mouth I stepped funny and got to experience that time-slowing phenomenon where you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, great. I’m falling. Don’t cry out! Son is seeing this! This is going to hurt. I’m sure I’m not looking pretty right now either. And Husband is really going to tease me! What am I making for dinner…, etc.” All this as I’m doing my best imitation of a porpoise bodysurfing on the driveway…

I lay there for a moment, checking to see if I have any excruciating pain that might indicate serious injury, and getting my head together. After all, Son had seen this happen and no matter how hurt I was my first priority was to make sure he wasn’t scared. So I said, “Whoops! I just went kaboom!”, which is what I always say to him when he falls. “My homework!” he answered, and I looked to see homework strewn about, and remembered I’d been carrying it. I wish he was so concerned about his homework when I was asking him to do it.

Before I could reply he asked, “Mommy, are you okay?” I assured him I was, and carefully got up. I didn’t even cuss. There was quite a bit of dirt, my knees were skinned but the most serious injury was to my dignity. Surprising, because I didn’t know I had any left. I thought it eloped with my pride. I think I’m all out of both now. I quickly went back inside and got a few bandaids, gathered the scattered homework and off we went to school.

That’s another of those quirky things about about motherhood. Son was my first thought. Protecting HIM. Even as I lay bleeding.

All in all I’m feeling lucky. Two years ago I fell in a full restaurant in the Bahamas, spraining my ankle and spending the rest of my vacation hobbling around. The time before that- six years ago – I slipped on a nut on a sidewalk and broke my elbow. Apparently I was even less graceful those times. Apparently when G-d was handing out grace I was too distracted over in the stubbornness line to notice.


3 Responses to “Just Call Me Grace”

  1. Good Fountain Says:

    I have had some embarrassing falls, too, so I feel your pain – literally and otherwise.

    Here’s to hoping Son doesn’t tell the Hubs when he gets home.. 🙂

  2. Lisa Says:

    You’re a more thoughtful lady than I. I lack any semblance of grace and Lane’s heard the vulgarity fly a few times.

  3. copyeditorsdesk Says:

    Ouch! That’s scary…and the older we get, the scarier it gets, ’cause we get ever more prone to breaking things.

    Did you know you can train your innate sense of balance with a few simple exercises, and that over time this (supposedly) will help avoid falls? Just standing on one foot for a few seconds (the idea is to work up to a couple of minutes) allegedly trains the brain to improve its balancing act. Also, I’ve heard that regular yoga sessions help to protect us from falls.

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