Is the Flu Shot Necessary? An Alternative by a Genius or a Yahoo – You Decide

Son is asthmatic, so a flu shot has been very strongly recommended by his pediatrician every year since birth. Even though I knew there were some few risks, Son is so susceptible to bronchitis and bronchiolitis we have definitrly been more afraid of what the flu would do. So we’ve had him vaccinated and have been lucky that he had no side effects.  And no flu.

This year Son’s asthma is markedly better. We’re hoping that asthma will soon be in his past, or at the very worst he’ll be left with a very mild case. And now it’s flu shot time again.

For the first time we’re considering not immunizing him, though we probably still will. Husband and I were having a conversation about it yesterday and today he sent me a link with video of a doctor calling into question the effectiveness of the vaccine for children in Son’s age group.


This guy has some interesting things to say.  Why, then, do I think he’s a yahoo?  Husband hears this and gets all nervous about the vaccine.  I hear this guy say that most deaths attributed to the flu are actually caused by pneumonia, therefore the government is lying to us and I roll my eyes.  I’m not a doctor, but pneumonia is a lung infection.  Why is it not possible for the flu to precede, cause or at least create an environment ripe for lung infections, making the flu the proximate cause of death? And therefore acceptable to be included in statistics as a flu death?

Still, I’m open to hearing about other things we can do to stave off the flu.  Aren’t you?

He recommends we take megadoses of Vitamin D to prevent the flu instead.  And he thinks that the best way to get that is through sunlight, though that may be hard to come by in the winter.  So he recommends a tanning bed (aren’t those UNsafe???) for those who won’t be able to bake themselves in sunlight.  If neither of those are an option only then does he recommend taking vitamins, at 2000 international units (iu) per day for a child and 5000 iu per day for an adult.

He asserts that such megadoses of Vitamin D can also help lessen the severity of the flu if you’ve got it.  He recommends 2000 iu per kilogram of body weight taken as one dose every day for three days.

I know that last year’s flu shot was a big bust.  But I think I have to trust the doctor we’ve known for nearly five years when he tells us that this year’s shot is much better, that they learned a great deal from last year’s debacle, and that all of the metals that Dr. Yahoo warns us about are ever-present in our bodies.  Still, I’m going to call Son’s Doctor on Monday to ask about the Mercury.  Mercury scares me ever since Mr. Ski, my 7th grade science teacher,  told us that Mercury ingested now can kill us 10, 20 or even thirty years later.  As we made our own thermometers with real Mercury.  Nightmares, I tell you.

This is the double-edged sword that is the internet.  There is so much information out there that we have no way of knowing if the source is credible.  How do I even know this guy is truly an MD?  And believe me,  if there’s a conspiracy theory to be found, Husband will find it.

As I keep telling him, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


One Response to “Is the Flu Shot Necessary? An Alternative by a Genius or a Yahoo – You Decide”

  1. copyeditorsdesk Says:

    Yahoo! CONFIRMED yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look. First, if mercury was gunna do in the kid, he’d be done in by now. Is he done in? Nooooooo….. Neither am I, and I’ve been taking these things for 15 years AND I’m sensitive to thimerisol, the mercury compound that’s used to preserve some contact lens solutions.

    Second: if you’ve got asthma, you are at risk from the flu. At risk, at risk, at risk! My son turned blue before we could get him to an ER. I thought he was going to die. So did his quack. My boss’s daughter DID die! You’re no deader from a flu shot than you are from asthma.

    Side effects from flu shots are almost nonexistent, unless you’re allergic to eggs.

    “It’s pneumonia, not the flu”???? Augh! The flu freaking induces pneumonia. That’s what spirits you away when you croak over from the flu. My uncle died of pneumonia directly caused by the Spanish influenza in 1917. He was in his 20s, at the height of a young man’s physical strength.

    Vitamin D? This is quackery. This is bull puckey. Maybe…m-a-y-b-e, vitamin D will help protect you from osteoporosis, if you ingest enough calcium while you bask in the sunlight. But it will do nothing to protect you from a predatory virus. Remember the vitamin C craze, whereby we were all going to immunize ourselves from colds and flu by slugging down enough vitamin C? Did it work? If it did, why would we need flu shots today?

    Wanna hedge your bets? Let him stand outside in the midday sunlight for about ten or fifteen minutes, with his face and arms exposed. If he doesn’t freeze to death, his body will manufacture all the vitamin D he needs long before any melanomas start to develop. Snowing? Give the kid a multivitamin or a glass of vitamin D-enhanced milk.

    Kids can take the new nasal spray vaccine. If you don’t want to give him a shot, you might consider that alternative, if your doc things it’s OK to use with the asthma.

    Even if you don’t have asthma, why would you want to spend two weeks feeling miserable with the flu? Why would you want to spread the misery to everyone you come in contact with? Just because he may be outgrowing the asthma (much to be hoped!) is no reason to leave him vulnerable to an influenza infection.

    Sorry to hyperventilate. This kind of pretend science gives me fits. 8-o

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