Share a Hug with Your Pets on Thanksgiving, Not the Food

If you’re tempted to share your Thanksgiving meal with your dog or cat, think again.

Turkey and stuffing and all the rich foods that go along with Thanksgiving can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting for pets.  At least according to an article I read today, and my friend who’s a vet.

There are people out there who actually think about feeding their pets a traditional Thanksgiving meal, complete with turkey and stuffing.  A meal like that can be lethal to pets, so please don’t do it.
Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your pet on its regular food and routine feeding schedule.
  • Do not feed your pet any turkey. The seasoning, skin and gravy can cause inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Do not give your pet bones. Turkey bones are particularly dangerous because the bones can splinter and cause intestinal damage.
  • Secure the garbage can. Don’t make it easy for your pet to help itself to tossed table scraps.
  • Spiked eggnog is a no-no. Alcohol can cause coma and death. Eggnog can cause diarrhea.
  • If necessary, keep your dog in another room during dinnertime so it can’t beg at the table.

If you must, buy some canned food and mold it into a turkey shape. But beforefeeding any people food to your pets always, always check with your veterinarian first!


2 Responses to “Share a Hug with Your Pets on Thanksgiving, Not the Food”

  1. letRVoiceBHeard Says:

    I do agree with some things if you are giving all the added additives for your animals. That is a no no. And bones are all no no especially if they are cooked. Raw is stronger and healthier too. Though most people don’t stop and think about the good foods verses the bad.

    Only thing I would suggest more then talking to your vet. is to talk to a animal nutritionist. After all they have done all the proper research about the proper diets as like humans one size does not fit all. Unless your vet has a degree in nutrition

  2. copyeditorsdesk Says:

    Well said! Several goodies that make holiday food delicious to humans are toxic to dogs:

    *onions (!!)
    *alcohol (!)
    *chocolate (!!!!)
    *cooked bones
    *the bones of any fowl

    That notwithstanding…I do feed my dog real food, not packaged feed. She got baked chicken thigh meat while the rest of us were scarfing smoked duck. If you must feed your dog turkey, take the neck and simmer it well a panful of unsalted water. Carefully pick off the meat, making sure no bones come with it. This is nutritious and safe, as long as you don’t put any onion in with the cooking liquid.

    Many cats love hard liquor. Did you know that at one point the most common name for cats in this country was “Boozer”? We had a cat named Boozer, too–if I carelessly sat a cocktail down where she could get at it, she’d lap it right up. Do not let your cat sip your whiskey. It’s extremely bad for them. Ditto training your dog to guzzle beer: cute, but abusive.

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