Patient, Diagnose Thyself

You may have noticed that apart from a few Deals I’ve been conspicuously absent for most of the past week.

That’s because I’ve been dealing with my second illness in as many weeks, and this time I very nearly did cough up a lung.

I wound up going back to the doctor whose office I’d like to quit because in my weakened state I just did not have it in me to keep trying to find a doctor whose office staff wasn’t hostile, that took my insurance and was willing to see me that day.  In all fairness I only called two, but I think I could have called twenty and had the same result.

So, after a monsyllabic (on their part) conversation with her staff to get the appointment, Son and I made the forty-five minute trek to my current doctor’s office.  At least this time the diagnosis did not come from Son’s doctor (he frequently tells me what’s wrong with me and I then enlighten my own doctor), but the trend did continue in a way since I diagnosed  myself.

Me:  I think I have asthma.  Remember how I’ve told you before that sometimes I feel like I’m breathing through gauze (and you looked at me like I had three heads)?  Well, I think that’s an attack of some sort and could benefit from an inhaler.

Doctor:  Hmmm.  Oh yes.  That sounds like Reactive Airway Disease.  Yes.

So, it turns out I have Reactive Airway Disease, just like Son.   I am the proud owner of my own inhaler, some steroids, a strong antibiotic, a kickass cough medicine – and I get to share Son’s nebulizer.

After two days of medication and almost-complete bedrest I feel a thousand percent better.  I still have not used my inhaler yet, but am comforted that I have it so that in future I can breathe more easily and hopefully avoid hours of body-wracking coughs that leave me exhausted and sore.

And come the new year I am in search of a new doctor.  One that is nearby, has a pleasant office staff and takes my insurance.  It may be a bloody battle, but I’ll find one.

Hopefully before I get sick again.


3 Responses to “Patient, Diagnose Thyself”

  1. Tari Says:

    Playing a similar game right now only the office staff is really nice and the Dr. doesn’t seem to be all there. Best of luck in your search in the new year.

  2. Good Fountain Says:

    I’m glad you’re better and have the right meds. Now just to find the right doctor!!

  3. copyeditorsdesk Says:

    Argh! Good luck in the hunt. Medical care in this country is a disaster.

    We’re lucky to have a branch of the Mayo here…the trick, though, is to get insurance that will cover it. Of course, because the Mayo is very good and its doctors expect to be paid commensurately, insurers resist with all their collective strength. Right now My Beloved Employer has one, count it, one plan that will allow me to see my long-time doctor there. The Mayo Clinic’s new hospital is the only one in the metropolitan area that’s rated “excellent” on a national scale.

    Years ago, when SDXB & I were still together, he used to try to persuade me to quit my job and retire with him to Mexico. I demurred, saying in wanted to be in a country with a decent medical system during my old age. Since that no longer applies, guess I can take my decimated nest egg and live like a queen in San Miguel!

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