Free Magazines! And a Free Book! And Karma!

From time to time magazines offer free subscriptions in a blatant attempt to increase their readership.  Which is a blatant attempt to be able to charge more for advertising.  Which is blatantly fine, as long as it’s blatantly free to me. And you.

My nephew will be excited that he can get a free one-year subscription to Maxim.

If you have different interests perhaps you’d prefer  free subscriptions to Forbes, Dog’s Life , Interview and/or Woman’s Day.  And if you’re interested in all five then I think you’re a really interesting person.  If, however, they will sit untouched on your coffee table until you toss them into the recycling bin nine months later, please save some trees and don’t  bother.  Just sayin’.

And for those of you who haven’t  yet heard, Suze Orman’s latest book Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan is available for free at through today. Go to Oprah’s site to find out more.  Thanks Suze, for being smart enough to know that the goodwill you’re generating by offering this for free (and saving so many of our lovely trees at the same time) will pay off in the end.  Of course with the recession no one will have the money to buy your future books, but you’ll be rich in karma, baby.  Karma!


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