Spontaneity and Sunsets

Copyright 1.18.2009

Husband is a planner.  He finds great comfort in knowing what will happen when, and plan changes are very difficult for him to process.

This, of course, is the exact opposite of me.

Husband and I were friends for 12 years or so before we started to date, and in all that time his abhorrence to spontaneity had never really presented itself.  One could think that we then could not have been very good friends, but I think it’s more because I was somewhat oblivious, as his decision not to hop in the car right now and drive to Cape Canaveral to watch a shuttle launch instead of going home and going to bed at 1 am didn’t seem that unusual.

In the first months we dated Husband planned some wonderful outings.  We’d go to Sanibel to watch the sunset, for dinner and a hansom cab ride along Las Olas Boulevard, or to Bok Tower Gardens to lie in the grass and listen to the Carillon as we watched the tree tops sway in the breeze.  All of these day trips were planned by Husband well in advance, and I was very content to go along for the ride.

Then we planned a trip to Tallahassee to go to a Florida State game.  We had spoken about other things we could do in the area, such as (what I considered the possibility of) going to visit the Caves at Marianna,  Wakulla Springs and the wonderful lodge there, and St. Marks Wildlife Preserve.

But oh, no.  Husband had it all planned meticulously – what we’d do each morning, afternoon and evening.  “Do we have to plan everything?” I asked, feeling a bit claustrophobic.

“Yes!” Vehemently.

“When can I pee?”

“I’m sure I can fit it into the schedule…”

After some discussion, Husband agreed to schedule some spontaneous time from 1-4 pm on Saturday afternoon.

Yes, scheduled  spontaneity.  Oh, how I laughed.


Now, many years later, Husband still must schedule  spontaneity.  Plan changes much be communicated as soon as possible, preferably over the telephone so the resultant bitching, moaning and complaning can occur while I place the phone on the table and go do… anything else.

So, imagine my surprise yesterday, when Husband declared that it was a beautiful day and he wanted to go… somewhere.  After a moment’s discussion he suggested driving to Sanibel to watch the sunset – a two hour drive.  Not ten minutes later all three of us were in the car with blankets, towels, sweaters, windbreakers, a cooler and my cameras and we were on our way.

We were there in plenty of time to stop by the wildlife preserve, grab a fun lunch at Cheeburger, Cheeburger and head to our favorite spot – a small area right where Sanibel meets Captiva.  The cool weather kept most others away, but they were fools, all.

We saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever had the privilege to see, and I spent that time with the two most wonderful people.   G-d has blessed me, truly.



2 Responses to “Spontaneity and Sunsets”

  1. copyeditorsdesk Says:

    Neat story! What a beautiful place…and a beautiful experience.

  2. Mr Geek Says:

    I feel your pain. Mrs Geek makes lists! Lists for everything!

    Love the sunsets though 🙂

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