Free Gas From Mobil!

New Exxon Speedpass customers in FL, LA, MA, NC, NJ, RI and SC will receive a $20 ExxonMobil Cash Card (or a $20 ExxonMobil Credit Card statement credit if Speedpass is linked to an ExxonMobil Credit Card) for activating a new Speedpass account. To qualify for one of these great offers, just enroll and activate online by December 31, 2009!  See site for full details…

I just enrolled, and I can’t wait to get my $20 gas card!

I told Husband I was going to make up for that salary cut.  This helps!


One Response to “Free Gas From Mobil!”

  1. Auto Transport Says:

    Well, I’ll still take it. I could have used it when gas prices were through the roof, though.

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