Sometimes The Best Move Is No Move At All

I’ve forever been talking about selling our home here and moving to a cooler climate, with better schools and where we can afford the kind of house we’d like.   I’ve been longing to move for years, especially  after I got pregnant.

I want Son to grow up in a place where there’s a change of seasons.  I think the seasons give a nice framework to mark the passing of time, and they add color to my own memories.

I want Son to grow up in a place where he has a yard to play in, where there are lots of other children, where we can take off on a weekend trip to the mountains.  I want him to pick pumpkins straight from a real pumpkin patch,  not a parking lot.  I want him to sled down a hill and run with glee in his shorts on the first warm day after a long and cold winter.

We’ve been so close to going so many times.  The MLS listing is written, the photos are taken.  I’ve spent many a night browsing listings looking for the perfect new house for us.

My readers and friends must be sick of the subject, as am I.  I’m tired of talking about it – I just want to DO IT.

But, like so many others, we’ve been hit by the lousy economy.  Husband got a pay cut last week,  and our home is worth only 60 percent of what it was worth three years  ago.  The  job market in Atlanta is so flooded that the odds of getting a job even for local applicants is a longshot, and if I were a hiring manager I’d toss any out-of-town applicants directly into the circular file.  We just can’t risk it, at least until things turn around.

The good news is that you’ll not have to hear me talk about it, at least for this year.  The bad news is that we’ve decided that our best move is no move at all.

It’s not about risk-taking.  It’s about not making a bad decisions because we don’t want to let go of our dream.

On the other hand,  Husband still has a job.  We’re living in a home we could afford even if Husband had to work at McDonald’s.  We have no debt other than the mortgage.  We have a healthy savings account.  We have lots of family and friends here, and it’s been a nice, chilly-for-Florida winter.

So, I’ll make our too-small house work.  I’ll find a school for Son.  I’ll continue to scavenge clearance racks to find things to re-sell.  I’ll continue my de-cluttering battle, and hopefully gain some ground. We’ll go to the beach.

I’ll count my blessings that we still have a home, that Husband is still working, that we can put food on the table. I’ll pray for those who aren’t as lucky.

But I’ve not really let go of the dream.  We’re just delayed.  I can live with that.

I’m going to make the most of today.  But I’m still going to think about that house.


7 Responses to “Sometimes The Best Move Is No Move At All”

  1. Kate Says:

    Postponing a dream can hurt almost as much as outright losing it, because there’s just so much that can happen between now and then. Ask me how I know.

    But it’s true; it is better to be conservative and safe than to forge ahead no matter what and end up losing more than you can afford to lose. I think.

  2. Alison Says:

    The childhood you want for your son is not at all what I had growing up in Arizona. But I think no less of it. I don’t feel like I missed out because we had no seasons, or pumpkin patches, or quick trips to the mountains. I think it’s natural and normal to want certain memories and experiences for our kids, but it’s important to remember that the experiences they do have will be treasured regardless as long as we as parents make the best of everything – and it sounds like that’s exactly what you are doing!

  3. Jan Says:

    I happen to know some folks who want to rent a little place up North in TN if your truly thinking of moving it is only one bedroom but it would be away to get further north for now.

  4. BeThisWay Says:

    Thanks, Jan.

    We want to go where we have family nearby, so Tennessee is out. Besides, as long as Husband has a job here we’ll probably stay.

  5. Mr Geek Says:

    I’m with Alison. It is all to tempting to romanticise over what we do not have. We are in the opposite situation, living in England where we have get seasons, but their unpredictability makes it very difficult to plan anything. Too many camping holidays have been spoilt be incessant rain.
    Thus we dream of lazy days in sunnier climbs.

  6. Vanessa Says:

    Kate and Alison said it well. I believe everything happens for a reason. So live it up here in Florida and enjoy your beautiful boy’s childhood as it is… and travel for those seasons when you can. 🙂

  7. funnyaboutmoney1 Says:

    The grass is not necessarily greener… I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve come close to selling my house to move someplace “better,” only to realize

    * now is not the time;
    * what I can afford is no better than what I have; or
    * the benefits (real & imagined) are not worth the cost and the hassle.

    It sounds like the time is not right for this proposed move. Hang in there: sooner or later you’ll come to the right place in the right time.

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