Well, we’re finally moving…

I know I’ve written a time or two or thirty about our desire to move out of our too-small townhouse and buy a home in Georgia or  North Carolina.  I’ve been talking about moving since before Son was born, yet we’ve never been able to make it happen.

I’ve also written about my concern about where Son will start Kindergarten this August, as the school we are zoned for is unacceptable to us.  Our only choices are sending him to a substandard school, risking a felony conviction by claiming a false address, sending him to private school (starting at $7000 for a Catholic school, and we’re Jewish) or moving.  None of those options were appealing, other than a move.  But a move wasn’t possible…

Like many others out there the economy has made selling our home impossible.  In fact I heard last night that one of the foreclosed townhomes in our community just sold for $58,000, which is less than half of what I paid for it, over 30% less than the size of my mortgage and about 1/6th of what they were selling for 4 years ago.  Yahoo.

So, a few weeks ago we decided that sometimes the best move is no move at all, and we’re okay with that.  We still had not made a decision about Son’s school, but we’d wrapped our minds around staying in our lovely townhouse that we can afford even if Husband worked at McDonald’s.

Earlier this week we went to dinner with my Dad, and he made us an offer that’s changed everything.  And it’s  just too good to pass up.

A year after my stepmother died my father moved from the home that they shared for thirty years to a condo on the beach.  They’d bought the house in the late 70’s, when we were still growing up.  This area wasn’t nearly as populated as it is now, and they chose the city because it had the best schools in the area.   At the time it was the toniest neighborhood in the city,  and today it remains one of the best.   And if my memory serves it’s on 1.75 acres – a lot size you will never find except in these older neighborhoods.

The house has been on the market and sitting empty for nearly a year, despite my father dropping the price $150,000.  He had one offer, but after the inspection the guy asked my Dad to take another $150,000 off the price AND make the noted repairs.  Not happening.  He’d also tried to get it rented, but those deals fell though, too.

So, my Dad asked us to move into the house, for a year or two – and possibly longer.  It’s in an excellent school district, and  Son would be able to go to the same school as his cousins – a first in our family.   We’d be going from a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath 1400 sq. ft. townhouse to a 5 bedroom (plus a library that we’d use as a playroom), three bath  3400+ square foot house with a pool and a tennis court.


We of course could never afford this house on our own, but with the greatly reduced rent and the rental income from our townhouse we should be in good shape.  His generosity is overwhelming us.

And it’s a win-win.  We all know that given the economy this house would not sell for at least two years, and my Dad will be saved the house maintenance costs.  Son will go to a great school,  I’ll have an office instead of a pile of crap on top of the dog’s cage, Husband will complain that he has a fifteen-minute further drive to work (not to mention an office and a train room and a workshop), and there will be the sound of a child’s laughter in that house again.

So, not our own house.  And not in Georgia or North Carolina.   Not our dream.

But a terrific reality.  Which certainly trumps that dream.  At least for the next two years.

And have I mentioned the kitchen?



16 Responses to “Well, we’re finally moving…”

  1. Cammie Says:

    Congrats!! I know this has been not only a dream for you, but also a source of worry (re: schools). I’m glad everything is working out for you!

  2. Erin Says:

    Wow! Congratulations…this just supports my contention that doing the right thing, even when the decision is a difficult one (like deciding NOT to move), ends up getting you exactly what you need and want!

  3. Emily Says:

    Congrats – sounds like a wonderful solution! The kitchen is pretty – always a plus!

  4. Patty Says:

    WOW OH WOW!! That is great for all of you!!! I am so excitted for you guys!

  5. Kate Says:

    It sounds like a fabulous situation for everyone – congratulations!

    Now… start packing!

  6. Lisa S. Says:

    That’s AWESOME. I’m so glad everything is turning out well for everyone. 🙂

  7. Vanessa Says:

    How wonderful! I am so happy for you, and how great that you already have a start with all the work you have done getting ready for your hopeful move. Yay Dad!

  8. Good Fountain Says:

    What a great opportunity and a win for everybody.

    A kitchen like that, however … wasted on a professed non-cook like yourself. 🙂

  9. Tari Says:

    Woohoo! Love the kitchen. Love that your Dad is so cool to give you this opportunity. Happy move to you.

  10. funnyaboutmoney1 Says:

    Oh, my! That is so excellent! Is the rest of the house as amazing as the kitchen? Awesome.

    In another few years, you should be able to sell the townhouse without going broke. Meanwhile, the rent will help, and anything you do to improve or maintain it will be deductible. This all has the potential to work out very well, indeed.

  11. Mr Geek Says:

    Sound like things worked out well 🙂

    Congratulations. Now you are in the strange situation of the poor economy working in your favour… You will have to stop your attempts to stimulate the economy

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  15. learningwoman Says:

    Hi BTW, how fantastic for you all! I love, love, love the kitchen too!

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