Want Ice Cream?

Today is a rainy, icky day.   I love rainy, icky days!

We’re  going to celebrate it by going to Ben and Jerrys for  free ice cream  today – sometime  between 12pm and 8pm (4/21).

I think we’re  going to need to find something else to celebrate on April 29th, when Baskin Robbins is giving out cones for 31 only 31 cents. Not quite free, but a good deal.

And then on April 3oth Carvel is in celebrating their 75th anniversary by hosting a freebie ice cream event  from 3-7pm, where you can get a free Iceberg ice cream beverage (your favorite soda flavor blended with soft serve ice cream) .  I’ve never  personally been a fan of ice cream  sodas, but perhaps they’ll give is the  soda on the side. 😉

And then we need to find a local  Haagen Dazs so we can grab a free scoop on May 12th from 4-8pm.

I hope there are some offers all summer.  Particlarly at Carvel – my favorite.  Did I mention that our new home is only two minutes from Carvel?  Oy.

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