I’ve heard of sharpies disappearing, but …

Just wanted to give a shout out to someone who recently visited my blog.

To whomever typed “sharpie in ass” in the search engine and found my blog, thanks for giving me a laugh.  And seriously, dude, just pull it out.

And since you were clever enough to get it up there in the first place, I think I also need to give you explicit directions to immediately toss it in the garbage.

And then go take a shower.

And watch where you sit.  Especially when naked.

See?  I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.  This was an accident, right?

D & A, remind you of something?

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4 Responses to “I’ve heard of sharpies disappearing, but …”

  1. Davis Says:

    you should read one of those lists of things doctors have found stuck in people’s rectums (recta?)

  2. goodfountain Says:


    that’s a doozy!

    which post of yours did they find, I wonder?

  3. How you got here, April 2009 « Terrace Agenda Says:

    […] inspired by anything here. So I think I’ll go outside the box and give April’s award to someone else’s blog for the very first time for getting hit by the term, “sharpie in ass.” You can […]

  4. Ace Says:

    Strangely enough, I remember a quote from #oldwarez on efnet from years ago and there was a sharpie and ass incident. That’s how I got here because I was looking for it.

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