The Beach

Kate at One More Thing is doing a weekly carnival of sorts, choosing a topic for other bloggers to write about.  This  week’s topic is “The Beach”.  Two in one day?  Well, I had to catch up…

I have a love/hate relationship with the beach.

I grew up at the Jersey Shore, and we were members of a beach club.  We spent nearly every summer day there, either on the beach or at the pool.  Or both.  And I’ve lived in Florida for 25 years now.

The Hate

1. Being fair-skinned, I got sunburned. A lot.  And severely.  Much to my family’s disbelief, I could and did get sunburned on cloudy days.  Being the late 60’s and early seventies we didn’t know what we do now about the risks of sun exposure and the concept of sunscreen.  As a result I have had a couple of lovely souvenirs of  my childhood – two cute little skin cancers.

2. I never get tan. Not enough so as anyone  would notice, anyway.  I remember coming back to NJ from three months in Florida and being really, really dark tan for me.  My classmates invariably asked, “You were in Florida?  Where’s your tan?”   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

3.  Bathing suits. Having a far-less-than-healthy body image, I’ve not felt comfortable on a beach since age 10.   If then.   Even when I had a bikini body.  I constantly looked around, checking to see if anyone was looking at me.  I wanted no one to look at me.  I wanted to have a look that made everyone to want to look at me.

4.  Sand in my swimsuit. I think you’re all with me on this one…

5.  Long walks to the bathroom. And lazy parents who make their kids go in the sand, and then bury it.  Humiliating!!!  MY parents – not me.   My Son would never miss a trip to the bathroom!

The Love

1.  I love the beach at night. I love to walk along or sit on the shore and  listen and watch the waves.  I’ve often gone to the beach at night when my soul needed replenishing, and it did the job every time.  The smell, the ocean mist, the sand slipping through my fingers.  Ialways leave recommitted to something, with a great sense of  inner peace.  Heady stuff.

2.  I love the  beach on a cold, windy, rainy day. All of #1 applies.  Add a couple of dogs and it’s awesomer.  When you can leave the beach and go sip hot chocolate by a fire it’s nirvana.

3.  I love riding waves and swimming in the ocean. I’ve even done it naked.  In St. Maarten.  Whoops!

4.  The boardwalk. I remember riding the carousel and the rides in Asbury before it was too seedy, and not minding the seediness of Seaside Heights on summer weekends as a teen.  The lights, the sounds, the smells, the boys – it was everything teenagerhood should be.

5.  Son’s love of the beach. The water, the sand, running after birds…he is my happiness.

The love definitely outweighs the hate.  And Son loves it, so you might even see me there on a not-too-hot day.  I’ll be the one in copious amounts of sunscreen.  I won’t be looking around, though.  My attention will be completely focused on my little boy as I bask in the rays of his joy.


2 Responses to “The Beach”

  1. Good Fountain Says:

    I haven’t had much opportunity to spend time at beaches, living inland as I do. And I would say that I’m not much of a fan. Till I took my kids last year. Now I can’t wait to go back. They just love it, and it made me love it (almost) too. Really, really like it would be more accurate.

  2. Baino Says:

    Oh I hear you. I’m always worried about the Rainbow Warrior sending out a helicopter and re-introducing me to the deep ocean. But I love the calmness of walking near or looking at the water. So much so, that I’m going to move to the northern Sydney beaches when I sell. By that time, I’ll be too old to care about sand in my crack and muffins bulging out of the swimsuit, hell, they’ll just call me eccentric! And like you, my daughter is a beach lover so . . necessity is the mother of the beach lover.

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