Wedding Dance Brings Authentic, Exuberant Joy

Is there anyone in the free world who has NOT seen this?

I. Love. This.

Who decided that a wedding had to be a serious affair?  Who said you had to wait until the reception before having fun?  Why shouldn’t the whole thing be filled with unadulterated joy, exuberance and a liberal dose of oh-so-coolness?

I remember exactly how I felt walking down the aisle on that wonderful day nearly seven years ago, and let me tell you…

I felt like dancing!  I was so excited to enter the newest phase of my life, creating my very own family.  My brilliant smile conveyed my feelings, to be sure, but not nearly as much as sashaying down the aisle!  And I felt that same love and joy at every wedding I’ve been in.  I’d have loved to dance down the aisle at my sister’s wedding, or my best friend’s!!!!!

And why not?  Why shouldn’t a bride and groom  enter their marriage with laughter, love and abundant bliss oozing out of their pores?  I’ve even gotten tears in my eyes a time or two when I’ve watched this (and when I do Husband says, “You’re such a girl!“), because even though it was planned and staged,  it’s so very authentic!

And who doesn’t love this couple?  Who doesn’t get that they are fun, giving (they’ve set up a website to take donations for a deserving charity) ready to tackle life with gusto?

Oh, how I wish I’d thought of this.  I would have completely and totally loved to do this.  Husband, being much more bashful than I, would have taken a great deal of convincing.  And the Rabbi… oy.

It doesn’t really matter, though, that we didn’t actually dance down the aisle.  Every time I think of my wedding, and how happy I was that day, THIS is what I see and feel in my mind’s eye.

Yeah, I placed the same video twice in one post.  Why not?


3 Responses to “Wedding Dance Brings Authentic, Exuberant Joy”

  1. Good Fountain Says:

    Um, never saw it! Loved it!!

  2. Funny about Money Says:

    What a hoot! Best wedding procession I’ve seen to date.

  3. GrannyAnnie Says:

    I loved this video, too! Looks like a bunch of friends CELEBRATING life!I’m so glad they decided to share it with the rest of us!

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