Playable Angry Birds Cake a Big Hit at Our Angry Birds Birthday Party!

I haven’t posted here in forever, but I couldn’t resist posting some photos of the Angry Birds cake I did for Son’s birthday.

I was originally planning on taking photos of each step, but it was waaay to messy, and it just didn’t happen.

I made my own marshmallow fondant.  Never having worked with fondant before, I tried the recipe for the first time on a 4th of July cake with good results.  Basically, you just melt marshmallows and knead the result with powdered sugar.  There are a few more steps, so if you’re going to do it do what I did and go to YouTube and do a search for Marshmallow fondant…

I was originally going to make the pigs out of fondant, too, but I found little green marshmallow apples at Walmart, and with a few snips of the scissors and some fondant eyes, ears, noses and eyebrows, I had pigs…

I did make the Angry Birds with the fondant, as well as the Pig King.  He’s special. Photos of them in a moment.

I decided to do three different “scenes”, or “levels”.  Here is an overhead shot…

You can see the entire layout a little better here…

In this first scene there is a base of cake.  I used peanut butter bars from the dollar store for the pillars.  The little brown squares are fondant crates of TNT.  When I was done building it I noticed that the structure was leaning a bit.  I was worried that it would fall over in the several hours between when the cake was done and when we’d sing Happy Birthday, so I wound up using a pretzel rod to keep it from tipping over.  The plan was to remove them right before we sang but I forgot.

The second level was the ice scene.  I had planned to use all fondant to make the pillars, but for some reason they did not harden up overnight.  I wound up using the same peanut butter bars I’d used in level 1 and covering them with white icing, but it was a mess!  I used the fondant pillars here and there, and the squares are fondant ice.

There’s the Pig King hiding in the back, where Son wanted him.  Because it’s the safest place, you know.

I know this is a lousy picture, but I just love how his crown came out, and unfortunately I didn’t get a better shot!

This was my favorite level.  I’ve used these sugar wafers for cake decorating many times in the past, and they are light and easy to use.  And yummy!  There is a stream running under the bridge, with blue jello as the water.  The nest is in the back.  For that I just covered a small round cake with tinted icing, and then stuck pieces of broken pretzel sticks all over the place.  I love the nest!  The eggs were candy-coated chocolate purchased at an after-Easter sale.

And, here are the stars of our cake, the  Angry Birds…

I have to admit, I was pretty proud of how they turned out.  Not bad for a first-timer, huh?

I made a slingshot out of pretzel rods, chocolate, licorice and a flat candy I found at the after-Easter sale.  It was for looks only – we used another slingshot for the interactive part of our evening!

Yes, that’s right.  The kids got to toss the Angry Birds at the cake, completely destroying the levels.

They had so much fun!  And this is how it looked after every kid got to try…


We also did an Angry Bird Egg Hunt.  We used Easter Eggs and filled them with candy.  We also did an Angry Bird toss, where I cut holes in a piece of foamboard, stuck Angry Birds (printed from the Internet) all over it, and the kids enjoyed tossing Angry Birds (little water balls in the shapes of birds I found at the dollar store) through the holes.

The favors were slingshots from the dollar store, along with Peeps I bought for 90% off at the after-Easter sale.  Got to love those after-Easter sales!

If you’re thinking about having an Angry Birds party you do NOT have to make a cake like this.  There are plenty of Angry Bird cake ideas on the internet.   I really just love making what I call cake extravaganzas.  They’re fun to do, and I’m pretty sure my son will remember them fondly.  I know I sure will.


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