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8 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. joetaxpayerblog Says:

    Ok, I’ll bite, what is your RSS feed link? No link for it on your site….

  2. BeThisWay Says:

    Aha. The new template apparently didn’t automatically show the link. It’s now corrected. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Stephanie PTY Says:

    I just wanted to drop a note – your site seems interesting, but I won’t be sticking around because Snap Previews drive me up a wall! I know I can disable them, but that never seems to work for longer than a day. At first I was going to leave without saying anything, but then I thought “If you don’t know what the problem is, how can you do anything about it?”

  4. Mompaca Says:

    Love your blog. There is alot of stuff I agree with you on regarding “How Do They…” Love your rants.

    I get so angry everytime I think about credit card companies. It seems that the companies get suck you dry no matter how hard you try to pay down your bills. Now, I know how to make better choices.

  5. Anne Says:

    Here’s a good one! Apparantly, some gas stations hold your money ” hostage” from your bank account. Most recently ” Randall’s” in Texas; which is the same corporation as ” Safeway”. I earned some club points from their store and was given 50 cents off a gallon for fuel, so they suggested I use the points before they expire. OK, I will gas up and use my debit card to do it. The next mornng I was checking my bank statement online as i do everyday; and there is the purchase of gas taken off my bank account plus another $100 taken off for fuel. I was livid; my car cannot even take $148 in gas. I called my bank and they said ” some fueling stations do that:; “they put a $100 hold on YOUR BANK ACCOUNT in addition to the amount they just took from your bank account for the cost of fuel. They deducted that $100 for 48 hours before putting it back in as a credit. Now, let me get this straight. Let’s say one million people in the U.S. fuel up in one day at one of these fueling stations that do this; that would mean that Randalls; a.k.a. Safeway has 100 million dollars for 48 hours of ” our money” and is collecting interest on it! Is there not something wrong wth this picture? If I go to an independent gas station, they do not do this. If I go out to a neighborhood restaurant and put my dinner on my debit card, thay do not add an additional $100 hold on my bank account for the dinner! So, jow come this corporation can do this? Is this maybe not the reason our country is in such bad shape economiclly? People are losing their jobs because they looked at someone the wrong way one morning; people are losing their homes because they got hooked up with an ambulance chaser mortgage company that sold them out to another high interest loan motgage company and to top this story, we are ” farming out” American citizen’s jobs to third world countries!!!The US is in terrible shape!And only because “corporate America” is ” corupt America!

  6. Susan Says:

    Love your blog. Your insight and wit is refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. KIM Says:



  8. Robyn Says:

    Re the sign posting “no hot wheels”. Perhaps they meant to write “no BIG wheels”? Those were toys my children rode on back in the ’80’s. I think they’re still around today, although not as popular as back then.

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