Autumn is Good for My Soul

I love autumn. It’s a feast for the senses.

The leaves are so pretty they make me cry. The crisp air is wonderfully fragrant with the aroma of firewood burning.

I love the feel of the softest sweaters, and the way they keep me warm yet allow the chilly air to put some pink in my cheeks.

I love that there are corn maizes and pumpkin patches and gourds of all colors.

A BeThisWay original.

A BeThisWay original

I love high school football games, even when I was in the High School Marching band and had to wear three pairs of pantyhose to keep my legs warm. Hot chocolate never tasted so good…

I love making my Son’s Halloween costume, carving the jack-o-lantern and the taste of the pumpkin seeds.

A BeThisWay original

A BeThisWay original

I love the scratchy feel of the fallen leaves against my skin as I jump in a pile of them and watch as they float back to the ground.

And I love the depth of emotion I feel for our families as we celebrate Thanksgiving. The pumpkin pie isn’t bad, either.

I love autumn, and though I’m not experiencing some of my favorite fall traditions here in Florida, I do appreciate all of the gifts that autumn brings me here.

A BeThisWay original

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