Thursday Linklet, the It’s Been Awhile Edition

More evidence that I’m back into blogging – I entered two carnivals this week.

My post Politics was included in The BoBo Carnival of Politics.  The posts in tht carnival run the gamut from liberal to conservative and everywhere in between.

I also entered the Carnival of Money Stories with my post AmTrust Canceling my HELOC. Goodbye, safety net! There are always terrific stories there.

Thanks to the editors for including me, and for all their hard work!


The Sunday Linklet

I apparently only entered one carnival last week, and I’m very behind on entering this week.

The Carnival of Money Stories was hosted at Funny About Money this week.  It included my post Captain Obvious Reports: Sixteen-Year-Olds Maybe Shouldn’t Be Licensed.

Thanks to So Cal Savvy for mentioning that same post in her Carnival of Money Stories Roundup.

Perhaps I’ll get in an entry under the wire for this week.  Then again, perhaps not…

The Sunday Linklet

It may be late Sunday, but it’s still Sunday…

These are the carnivals and festivals I participated in this past week:

The Money Hacks Carnival was hosted unexpectedly by Pinyo at Moolanomy this week.  Thanks for including my post Making my Contacts Last Means No Vision Coverage Needed Next Year!

The Festival Of Frugality also had a host bail out, so David at My Two Dollars stepped in.  Thanks for including my post The Bargain Shoppers’ 1 Step Program

For the second week in a rom I entered a political carnival.  My post My Own Cynical Take on Politics: Going to the United Nations Does Not Foreign Policy Experience Make was included in The BoBo Carnival of Politics hosted at The Bobo Files.

And because I forgot to mention it last week, I’d like to thank Karen Datko at MSN Money’s Smart Spending Money Blog for basing her article Kids and cars: Should the driving age be raised? on my post Captain Obvious Reports: Sixteen-year-olds Maybe Shouldn’t be Licensed. Thanks!!!

Please visit these great blogs to read some fantastic articles, and look around while you’re there.  All are chock full of great info!

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