Celebrating Thanksgiving Twice and Hanukkah Once on Thanksgiving Day

We’re not the only ones who will be celebrating Thanksgiving more than once on Thanksgiving Day.  I venture to guess that we’re one of only a few that will have TWO Thanksgivings and a Hanukkah, too.

Thanksgiving isn’t a day in my family – it’s a four day extravaganza.   We have many traditions (breakfast at the flea market on Friday, dinner out Saturday night and  various other and sundry fun things jam-packed into those four days) that are so entrenched that when friends misguidedly invite me to go on a Black Friday Sale hunt I must shake my head and decline.

We’d gone away the past few years, but this is going to be the first Thanksgiving at Dad’s new home without my stepmother, and we all feel it’s Especially Important.  Husband’s family has been so supportive the past yfew years that we’ve gone away, so we’ve made going to their celebration a priority this year.   We’ll go there first, relax and not rush, and then head to my Dad’s later in the day.

How did we start celebrating Hanukkah at Thanksgiving?  It all began in 1983, when Hanukkah fell on December 1st.  Us kids had already started to scatter, so it made more sense to celebrate while we were together. We decided to celebrate it the day after Thanksgiving so at least we had two separate holidays.  And that’s how it’s been ever since.

This year my brother-in-law has to go back to work in Atlanta on Friday, so we’re doing all of our celebrating on Thursday.

What am I going to be doing with my time over the next two days?

Two corn casseroles, two pumpkin rolls ( a yummy dessert), caramelized onions, pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, and wrapping several Hanukkah presents. Already did the big shopping trip with my Dad (7 family members staying at his house).

Also last minute-shopping, wrapping, welcomes, non-Thanksgiving dinners, school, karate, laundry and cleaning.

Did I mention that I’m sick? I don’t even have time to go to the doctor – my sister-in-law gave me a Z-pack.

But happy! I get to see my sisters and their families, spend time with them and the rest of my family and spend time with Husband’s family. All the people I love most in the world!

On Monday I can collapse.

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