To Answer the Question of the Urinal…

A few weeks ago I pondered whether or not to allow Son to dress as a urinal for Halloween. Many have asked what we decided.

Turns out I didn’t  have to decide.

Not a urinal.  Usually.

Not a urinal. Usually.

We’d read a Curious George book that saw George going to a costume party. One of the party guests was a garbage can and Son could not stop laughing. The urinal was out. The trash can was in…

It was lots of fun making this costume, and we were happy with how it came out. I spent $1.49 on spray paint, and the rest was, well, garbage.

When we walked into his classroom this morning we were blown away by the reaction of the kids and the teachers. There was a huge “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!” and the kids rushed over to him. He was a little overwhelmed!

I can’ t tell you how good it felt to see Son’s idea come together so well. I’m so happy I went to the trouble of making his costume. It’s so rewarding to me. These are the types of things I’d look forward to when I dreamed about what motherhood would be like, and the reality is even better than the anticipation.

And it only cost $1.49.

We’re off to dazzle the family and friends. Enjoy your Halloween!


Just How Inappropriate Can a Halloween Costume Be?

Son's 1st Halloween


I adore autumn – it’s my favorite season by far. I love the crispness of the air (well, not here), the smell of leaves burning, the sounds of football on the television.

Autumn also brings Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I love to see the kids dressed up, to watch their faces as they bob for apples, to see them flit about crazily as they work out their sugar highs.

Son's 2nd Halloween


When I was a child I adored the whole process. When my Mom (and the rolling eyeballs of our neighbors) told me I was too old to trick-or-treat, I conspired to continue by offering to take the neighbor’s children instead. Remember, these were the days before razors in apples, when kids over 7 went trick-or-treating by themselves without their parents worrying about anything other then their child’s protests about wearing a sweater over their costume on cooler Halloween evenings.

Son 3rd Halloween

Son 3rd Halloween

Even back then when I dreamed of being a mother one of the things I most looked forward to was making or selecting my child’s costume, hosting Halloween parties and going along as they trick-or-treated. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed, and Son has been young enough that he really didn’t have a costume preference, so I’ve gotten to have some fun with it.

Until now.

Son has a preference this year. What does he want to be?

Come on. You regular readers know, don’t you? Yeah.

A urinal. My kid wants to be a urinal for Halloween.


I’m pushing my ice cream cone idea. After all ,he likes ice cream almost as much as he likes urinals.

So, parents. What do you think? Would you let your child be a urinal for Halloween?

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