JCPenney’s Misleading Coupon Means I left JC Without Giving Them Any of My Pennies

JCPenney Coupon crop

I received an email offering the above coupon, which gives a 15% discount off of regular and sale price merchandise, expiring today, August 1, 2009.  I  thought it was a good deal.  I even shared it with you.

Today Son and I went into the store and selected several items. When the cashier was ringing in the sale the coupon did not work, and she and another cashier claimed it was because the items I selected were clearance items.

Nowhere on the coupon does it say that you cannot use the coupon on clearance items.  The cashier claimed that the coupon was only good on sale and regular price merchandise.

Um, yeah.  Clearance stuff is on sale.

“No,” she explained.  “Clearance is not sale.”

Excuse me? In what universe is that true?

When I begged to differ and explain that they may be correct in the JCP world, or perhaps even in the retail world, in the real world customers see clearance items as being on sale. This, in my opinion, is very misleading. JCP needs to realize that not everyone using their coupons and reading their ads is aware of this industry-centric hair splitting. If you did not want the percentage off coupon to be accepted for clearance items then clearance items should be excluded on the coupon, in writing.

And it was clearly not.

And another thing.  Customers who would like to explain their problem with the misleading coupon should not be talked over and interrupted to the point they cannot get a word in edgewise, refused the opportunity to speak to a manager, nor asked, ” So do you want it or not?”   Because when that happens those customers will do what I did – say, “No, thank you,” and see the nasty looks and eye rolling begin as they turn to walk out of the store.  Possibly never to return.

While I did and do have an issue with the unclear wording of the coupon, what was much more disturbing was the way I was treated by their employees.   If they would have simply said, “Yes, maam.  I can understand why that could be confusing and unclear.  I’d be happy to pass along your feedback to my store manager,” then I likely would have purchased the selected items anyway.

I didn’t want to – and refused to – argue.  I just wanted the opportunity to explain my issue with the wording of the coupon.

Instead I sit here having left JC alone without any of my pennies, irritated and waiting for a response back from their customer service department – promised within 48 hours.


JC Penney offers additional 15% off coupon!

JC Penney sent me an e-mail offering an additional 15% off sale prices.  It is only good in store, and it’s not good on fragrances or cosmetics.  Valid April 1-4, 2009 only.  Here’s the printable coupon.

Go forth and shop!

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