The Best Mother’s Day Gift

I love gold hoop earrings. They’ve always been my “staple” earrings, and I’ve had several pair over the years. The ones I like are very thin, simple hoops, medium-sized and 14k gold. Over time they tend to break or bend or fall off, so they occasionally have to be replaced.

I have wanted a new pair of gold hoop earrings for about two years, ever since my last pair broke. A few times Husband has attempted to purchase some for me, but they are always either too small or too thick or too…not the ones I want. I always appreciate the thought and effort, but if they aren’t what I want I’m not going to wear them, so I’ve returned them. I don’t know why I never exchanged them – likely there was a big expense just around the corner and I thought I’d delay it until a little later. Only a little later never came.

Last week Husband was lamenting that he had no idea what to get me for Mother’s Day. After telling him to read my post he still wanted to purchase me a gift. He’s just gotten another nice check from Shutterstock for selling his animations, and since we agree he use that money for whatever he wants, I agreed. And I often have to remind myself that allowing people to give to me, being willing to receive, is a kindness to them. I have always veen more comfortable with the giving than the receiving. So, if my husband wants to buy me a gift, buy me a gift he will.

When I mentioned that I really wanted those gold hoop earrings he did not do a happy dance. “I never get the right ones,” he groaned. “You always return them.”

True, but I’d thought of a way around that. I suggested that we go together to buy them, then use a gift certificate we had for lunch at one of my favorite places. He agreed – and that right there was his real gift. Husband abhors shopping. I like it when he comes with me. Ergo it only happens about twice per year…

So after a lovely morning of sleeping late and hugs and kisses and a homemade card from my two favorite men, we headed off to the local flea market, purveyor of good deals. I’d bought my last pair there for about $45, and that was about $10 less than I’d seen them anywhere else at the time.

We went to several merchants, and the least expensive pair I found was $99. Seems the price of gold has gone up since the last time I bought some. Wow!

I just couldn’t justify spending $99 on a pair of hollow gold hoop earrings. Earrings that are so fragile they always break. So instead we found some identical gold-filled ones for $10. They’ll probably last about as long as the real gold ones, and I won’t freak if they break or get lost.

So, I let Husband buy me a gift.   And I saved him $89.

Good thing there’s no scorekeeping here.  His last gift was $4000.

I’m just not one of the women who want and expect extravagant gifts, especially for Mother’s Day.  The only gift I really need for Mother’s Day I received from G-d and Husband, and is the one that wakes me up every morning with a kiss on the cheek and an “I love you, Mommy.”

And that’s priceless.

Hide and Seek

Today my son lost Husband’s wedding ring.

Husband was showering, and Son picked up his ring and said, “I have your ring, Daddy!” Husband proceeded to tell him, in a very stern voice, to put it down immediately.

Anyone who has a three year old – and really anyone reading this – already knows that that didn’t happen.

Upon asking Son where the ring was, I was treated to the following answers:

In the potty.

In the sink.

I lost it.

In my potty.

In the drawer.

Not that drawer, that drawer.

On the roof.


At this point I assume he really cannot recall what he did with the ring.

So, we’ve been looking for it, saying “If I was a three-year-old what would I do with a ring?”

So, here’s a list of places we already know it isn’t.

It’s not in the toilet.

It’s not in the sink.

It’s not in the potty seat.

It’s not in the drawer.

It’s not in that drawer, either.

It’s also not in any of the three upstairs garbage pails, in his pocket or under the bed.

I’m assuming it’s not on the roof. But if we don’t find it tomorrow and Husband wants to go check, that’s up to him.

If you see it, please let Husband know.

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