Hey Publix! You can’t foil me!

Read this and enjoy my folly.  This post  wasn’t up ten minutes before someone less stupid than I noticed why it was priced higher…

There’s a good chance we’ll get some nasty weather due to Tropical Storm Fay, so today Son and I went to Publix to pick up some hurricane supplies. We’ve already got water and batteries galore, so we did what most hurricane-experienced South Floridians really stock up on when a storm’s a’coming: comfort food.

During Tropical Storm or Hurricane Fay we’ll be feasting on homemade banana bread and cinnamon rolls,chips and dip, sandwiches and veggie platters. Mmmmmm….

While at Publix I realized I was nearly out of aluminum foil. I used to buy aluminum foil at the dollar store, but suddenly their foil is more like mylar than aluminum foil. Wassup with that? No I usually buy something on sale and with a coupon to get the best bang for decent foil.

So after getting Son his free cookie we walked to the foil aisle and I perused the choices. This is what I saw:

So Not a Deal
Publix’s Generic Aluminum Foil

Hmmm. Tweenty-five feet is $.99. Not bad! Better than the dollar store. So I checked out the fifty-feet roll and it’s…


So, I get to pay and additional $.70 to get 1 roll instead of two? Not likely.

I snapped the photo (blame the quality on Blackberry) and am sending it along with this note to Publix:

Dear Publix,

I was in your store today and couldn’t help but notice that your fifty foot roll of generic aluminum foil at $2.69 is $.71 more than the cost of two twenty-five foot rolls ($1.98). What possible excuse can you have for this type of pricing? It seems an overt (or perhaps covert?) attempt to take advantage of uninformed or too-hurried/harried consumers. I await your reply, and so do my readers…

Be This Way

I’ll let you know what happens…


Deal of the Day July 11, 2008

I found this terrific deal at a great blog called Homeschooling Four and it’s a must-share.

Buy $50 worth of groceries at Publix (before coupons!!!), including any 4 different Kraft brand items by July 27th and they will send you a $10 gas card.  Yeah.

And there’s a limit of three per household.  Three!

First you need to look for these small pamplets near the front of your store :

On the back cover is a rebate form for a $10 ExxonMobil Cash Card.

Here are the details:

Buy $50 worth of groceries, including any 4 different Kraft items (2 oz. or larger) of the participating brands listed below:
Capri Sun Juice
Cracker Barrell Cheese Sticks
Crystal Light On The Go (14 count)
Handi-Snacks Puddings and Gels
Kool-Aid Jammers Soft Drink
Kraft Dressings
Kraft Mac & Cheese, Deluxe or Easy Mac
Kraft Mayo
Kraft Natural Cheese Cubes or Sticks
LiveActive Cereal or Powdered Drink Mix
Miracle Whip Dressing
Nabisco Single Serve Multi-Packs or Snak-Saks (8 oz. or larger)
Oscar Mayer Lunchables, Lunch Combos, Hot Dogs or Bologna
Planters Snack or Trail Mix
Polly-O String Cheese
Post Cereal
Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner

I’m not sure if it needs to be three different transactions or not, so read the coupon carefully and separate your order(s) accordingly!  Also, double check that the total is before coupons.  I’m getting this from a very trustworthy source, but since I haven’t yet seen it myself I want to be sure not to lead you astray!

There is also a $1.50/1 LiveActive coupon attached to the bottom of the rebate form.

I’m throwing two birthday parties between now and the 27th.  I look forward to getting my $30 in gas cards!!!

Check back tomorrow for another great deal!

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Buy One Get One Free. Sort of.

Grocery stores like to make us think we’re getting a better deal than we are.

Case in point. Publix offers Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) specials every week. In every sales circular there are at least ten items offered this way. It’s the first thing I look for in the circular, as I do use it as an opportunity to stock up on things I use regularly, especially things we’re not brand loyal on. Husband doesn’t really care which brand of ranch salad dressing we have, as long as we have it.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with BOGO specials. The only problem is that Publix raises the price on the item shortly before the sale, and reduces it shortly after. Yes, they really do.

How do I know this? I’ve noticed it for quite awhile. Cake mixes, for example, will be $1.17 one week, and then the next week when they are BOGO they’re priced $1.87. Last week the ranch dressing was $1.99, this week, at BOGO price, it’s $2.99. I’ve seen it many, many times.

So, instead of saving 50% on the two items, I wind up saving only about 20-25%. When you add coupons it’s still a pretty good deal, just not as good as they’d have us believe.

If we weren’t so wicked schmaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Still, it’s a wee bit slimy, don’t you think? Especially since they don’t give us mystery deals or let us double our coupons.

I think I’ll ask them why. Stay tuned for the answer, and for more grocery store deal mythbusters…

What a Deal! Just Not for YOU, Florida…

I ran across an article titled Publix Penny Products at Pennies to Nickels today (part of the Festival of Frugality) . I was immediately intrigued because Publix is my local grocery store, I already take advantage of many of their coupons and other savings strategies.  If they have some penny products I certainly want to get me some!

Apparently Publix offers these special products on Sundays and Mondays, and if you spend $10 or more you can get the item for a penny. PTN’s article focused on the fact that you don’t usually need the coupon, included in the Sunday newspaper Publix flier, in order to get the deal.

Those of you who are regular readers know that frugality is not just a hobby for me, it’s what feels right. So to miss a special like this, on my home court, is just so very wrong. My first emotion was a little bit like panic. WHAT? Publix has a penny mystery item, and I don’t know about it??????????

Is Hell actually freezing over???

Upon further research, I found out that like double coupons, Publix doesn’t offer the mystery item in Florida. Just…doesn’t.

My near-panic changed to extreme irked-ness.

Why the heck not?

I want to know.

I’ve got my theories about the whole double coupons thing – an obvious conspiracy between Publix and Winn Dixie to keep that savings windfall from Floridians (Oh, no. I’m sounding like Husband now…). I’ve long been unhappy about that.

This new blow to my frugalability has spurred me to action. So, I am going to write an itty bitty e-mail to Publix and see what generic, not-really-addressing-the-question response I’ll get.

I’ll keep you posted.

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