Captain Obvious Reports: Don’t Cough Into Your HAND, Silly!

Okay, this one I’m embarrassed  about.

“If  you cough, cough into your hand or fist.”  That’s what I was told as a child, what I’ve always done, and what I’ve taught Son.

Never in all those years did it ever occur  to me that coughing into my hand actually endangers more people than coughing into a crowded elevator.

Why does it endanger more?  Because I then use that hand to shake yours, or to turn the doorknob, or to move hangers on a clothes rack.  So the viral or bacterial germs go from my wretchedly sick insides to my hand, where I pass them onto whomever or whatever I come in contact with, leaving whomever or whatever they come in contact with free to share  some more.


It makes much more sense to cough into a tissue (and immediate dispose of it).  If a tissue is unavailable then the best thing to do is cough into your elbow.  At least then the germs aren’t  as easily spread, though I recommend steering clear of any mosh pits or orgies.

But then, I’d recommend that anyway.  At least until you’re well.

So my new mantra to Son will be, “Cough into your elbow”.

I’m sure many of you figured this out ages ago and didn’t need a Captain Obvious Report.

But for those of you out there who regularly or temporarily reside in Oblivia, Captain Obvious bulletins are helpful, aren’t they?


Friday Night Fever

Our once per year community garage sale is tomorrow.

I am totally unprepared.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. During the garage sale. That we’re only allowed to have once per year.

We have a 1 pm birthday party twenty minutes away for Husband’s cousin’s twins, and I have not wrapped (or decided upon) their gifts yet.

My cough still sucks. Last night I was so miserable (constant body-jerking, hacking spasms, so violent they caused severe headachey-type pains in my head, plus made breathing difficult) Husband wanted me to go to the ER. I went to the (45 minutes away) doctor today and got the steroid I asked for the day before but she wouldn’t just call in, so hopefully this will be the end of it (and yes, I’m going to get a new doctor, but that’s a whole other post).

I’m exhausted.

We have a clogged toilet and Husband fell asleep before fixing it. Plus he hasn’t done any of the things I asked him to do to prepare for the garage sale.

Son, who until this week would not pick up a crayon to save his life, now wants to write numbers and draw trains ALL THE TIME. Threw a tantrum at bedtime (no nap today) because he had to draw “one more CABOOSE!!!!!!!!!!”

Sunday is Pete’s grandmother’s 95th birthday, and I also need to find time before 1 pm that day to make a corn casserole and cupcakes.

Wake me on Monday, somebody.

Down But Not Out

We’ve got the flu.

It is the least amount of fun I’ve had since I got dehydrated preparing for a colonoscopy.

At least the colonoscopy was over in a day.  And Husband was healthy so he could care for our son.

Get the flu shot next year.  I am.

Fun post, huh?

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