Old Navy Admits They Goofed

They actually listened.

Back in May I wrote about Old Navy and the Tragedy of the Turn-Cuff Socks. I was left bereft that Old Navy had discontinued most of the colors of the socks that work best for Son, so I wrote a letter to them expressing my disappointment with only being able to dress my son in navy, gray, beige and white. No longer were they being sold individually. It was a sad day indeed.

Fast forward to Saturday. I had some time before my pedicure, so I popped into Old Navy to see if they had any of their terrific pajamas on clearance. If they did I’d find a new BFF to take advantage of the 20% off I mentioned in a Deal of the Day last week.

Imagine my delight when came upon this sight:

There’s red! And green! And royal blue! There’s brown socks, and black socks and white and beige too!!!! Sold individually, and at the same price as before!

The sign says, “We know we goofed. Triple Roll Socks are back!”

I don’t know or care if they changed the name from “Turn Cuff”, or if they had two different styles. The bottom line is that Son can now have more than just navy, gray, beige and white.

Thanks for listening, Old Navy!


Old Navy and the Tragedy of the Turn-Cuff Socks

Dear Old Navy:

My three-year-old son has wide feet. As a result many of the socks on the market don’t fit him correctly. When he was about three months old I discovered the joy that is the Old Navy Turn-Cuff socks and have been buying them ever since. There have always been a variety of colors so that I could match every outfit. I’ve been thrilled.

I tried Target’s store brand, and even Gymboree’s and they just don’t hold a candle. Target’s don’t wear as well, and Gymboree’s are too stiff and tight – and they run small.

The other day I went into my local Old Navy to stock up and was saddened to see that you are no longer selling the socks individually in the stores. You still offer a multi-pack in white, but only four colors in your boy’s multi-pack – navy, gray, beige and white. Not only that, the store I went to only had sizes up to 12 months and the manager could not tell even me if or when they’d get more in (another issue that irks me to no end).

Navy, gray, beige and white? That’s it ? These are kids. Babies. Toddlers. Preschoolers. Why can’t they have green, or red, or light blue socks? Why must they be in boring shades of neutral?

You do offer more colors for girls. The girl’s pack has two shades of pink, purple and white and the rainbow pack includes purple, pink, yellow and red. But once again boys’ fashion gets shafted.

Old Navy is supposed to be the hip, now, up-to-the-minute frugal fashion store. Navy, gray, beige and white?

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am.

Navy, gray, beige and white.


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