What I’m Doing Today

First let me tell you what I’m not doing.

I’m not decluttering.

I’m not running errands.

I’m not cleaning.

I’m not shopping.

I’m not meeting with realtors.

I’m not going to the library.

I’m not cleaning out any closets.

I’m also not curing cancer, worrying about Obama or McCain, or getting a pedicure.

What I’m doing today, my dear friends, is spending the day completely focused on Son. Monday Son starts going to preschool 5 days a week, so today is the end of…something. The end of lazy days cuddling in bed after Daddy goes to work, the true end of his babyhood, the end of overseeing every aspect of his life. The end of our special time together that has been more precious to me than anything.

But it’s also the beginning. The beginning of organized learning, of new people and new places and new worlds. The beginning of life not always safe in my arms. The beginning of independence and self-reliance and the dawn of a new confidence.

How utterly craptastic.

So today it’s me and him, and some pool time, and some bounce houses, and some playing with his friend A. And I’ll do my best to be in the moment with him, enjoying him.

That’s what I’m doing today.


Flush With Love for Son

Today Son is four years old.

I could be the Mom that gushes about every smile, hug, kiss, laugh and fart. And I am, often.

Today, though, I thought I’d show you why I know am am the luckiest woman on earth.

This is a Play-doh creation by Son. I’m sure you’re wondering what that is. I can assure you it isn’t that. I thought of asking you to guess what this is a picture of, but those who know Son well would have a strong advantage. Then again, if you’ve read this post you might venture an accurate guess…

Those who know Son well know how obsessed with the bathroom he is. Particularly men’s rooms (oh, the tragedy when there’s no masculine types with us and he must enter the ladies room). Come along on an outing with us and you will get a tour of every bathroom in every place we visit (if a place has more than one each must be visited at least once, of course).

If you are male you will get pulled by the hand towards every men’s room. You won’t be asked or even begged. You will given the conspiratorial smile paired with the whip-tilt of the head indicating you should definitely join him for something that is just too fun to miss.

So today, on his fourth birthday, we will make the one hour trip to the zoo. We’ll likely see some lions and giraffes along the way, but the animals are certainly incidental to the real attraction. For Son this is just another stop on the Bathroom World Tour. And we’ll pay upwards of $50, plus gas costs, so that Son can see the zoo’s toilets and urinals

There are worse things than having a plumber in the family…

And if you haven’t guessed what the picture is, go back and read this post again. You’ll get it…

Happy Birthday, sweet pea. You make my life.

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