Usurious Ticketing Charges Make Fun Outing Impossible

Today I was skimming our local newspaper’s website and noticed a story about discount tickets for Playhouse Disney, a live show coming to our area for one day next week.  At $15 apiece I thought it would be a really fun thing for Son, so I clicked on the link to order tickets.

At checkout I was shocked to see the total for two $15 tickets soar to $45.85.  They’d tacked on a $2.75 per ticket “Building Facility Charge” , a $3.50 per ticket “Total Convenience Charge” and a $3.35 “Order Processing Charge”.  That’s $15.85 in charges – more than 50% of the total!  And that was if I picked them up at he Will Call window the day of the show.  The other options ranged from $2.50 to use MY time and MY printer, ink and paper to print my own tickets, up to $25 to have them shipped UPS overnight.

That’s a travesty.  I’d really like to help stimulate our economy a little, but this show is now out of our reach.  And that’s  too bad.  The show itself was affordable, but those extra charges made an affordable afternoon doing something my son would love completely unaffordable.



Deal of the Day April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, David!

Here’s a great deal for people who shop these stores.  Here’s hoping other retails follow Sears‘ lead!

Sears plans to offer a 10% bonus to anyone who converts their fiscal-stimulus checks into a Sears or K-mart gift card.  Customers can present their checks at a cash register at Sears and K-mart to convert it into a gift card at the full value of the check, and to receive a bonus gift card worth 10% of the check. The cards can be redeemed at any Sears, K-mart or Lands’ End retail stores, as well as and

Details for shoppers who elect to receive the fiscal-stimulus check by direct deposit are still being worked out, but they will likely be able to register online to receive a coupon to bring to stores.

The promotion is scheduled to last between May 14 and July 19. The gift cards have no expiration and no fees.

Check back tomorrow for another great deal!

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