Bargains, bargains, everywhere…

After a very expensive holiday season (thank you, property taxes!) I’m trying pretty hard not to buy anything this month.  Still, I could not pass up these deals…

The Target near me is offering an additional 30% off clearance clothing, which is already 30-75% off.

I got 12 items for Son (including three sweaters and a windbreaker – and  a Champion Hoodie and sweatpants!) and paid only $28.   I bought everything in next year’s size, so we’re off to a good start.  I used gift cards to finance these finds, so I’m pretty happy.  I’d have been happier if the cashier had not  mentioned that last year they did 50% off the clearance clothing…

I got another coup at Office Max.  They sent me a $10 off $10 coupon, so off I went with the intention of getting an electric pencil sharpener (we don’t have  any other than my make-up sharpener).  The electrics started at 7.99, but I realized that I didn’t want to keep it plugged in, and plugging and unplugging it as needed would be as much of a PITA as a manual sharpener for more money.  They also had a battery operated model for $7.99, but after considering the cost of batteries  I instead got a little manual one for 50 cents, and picked up 2 packs of construction paper (Son makes lots of restroom drawings), glue sticks, a first aid kit for the car and some craft paintbrushes and paid only $.90 out of pocket.

I’m going to re-commit to stay out of the stores because I have a hard time resisting the bargain temptation.  But I do have to go to Kohl’s to return something…



Deal of the Day November 6, 2008

They just opened a Super Target right near me.  Ah, joy!

This week you can get a 1-lb bag of Green Giant baby carrots at SuperTarget for just $.99. Use this $1/1 printable coupon to get the carrots for free!  Hurry – this coupon expires on 11/8.

Check back tomorrow for another great deal!

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I Walked Out of Target Richer Than I Walked In

Something happened yesterday that hardly ever happens.

I went to Target and didn’t buy anything. Not only that, I returned something. So I left the store $5.92 richer than I was when I walked in.

I didn’t even buy popcorn for my son.

This is highly unusual. Regular readers know that I love Target, and with the upcoming Birthday March Madness (8 family birthdays, including my father’s 70th and Husband’s grandmother’s 95th!), I expected to spend.

I didn’t find anything to buy. Oh, I found plenty I liked, and wanted. I always do. But there was nothing I needed.

I was almost out the door when I noticed that some of the dollar bin items were 50% off. I made a beeline and selected two items: some glitter glue (I am working on Valentines, after all) and a really cute set of rubber dishwashing gloves. Both items I could use.

But neither item I needed.

So, I put them back and Son and I walked out of the store.

Thank goodness they weren’t 75% off. I would have been a goner.

Target’s Allure May Be Poison, But I’ll Drink to That

Paid Twice over at I’ve Paid for This Twice Already wrote a great article about why she’s avoiding her biggest impulse-buying trigger – the wonder that is Target.

I agree with her. I have spent far too much money on things I didn’t really need just because they were on sale. Often. A lot. Constantly. And not just at Target. I think I’ve come across a solution that will help me curb that, without having to stop my weekly Target Clearance shelf sojourns (my son and I go every Tuesday – the day that our local store makes most of it’s markdowns).

Why do I still want to go? Well, sometimes I find a deal that will make me money. Once I found brand new carseats on clearance for $22 apiece. I bought three and sold them on Craigslist for $60 apiece. I found a Baby Bike Trailer for about $20 that I think I sold for $75. I’ve done similar things dozens of times.

I’ve also gotten gifts for ridiculously low prices. A few weeks ago I was doing my weekly browse, thinking that I needed to get a birthday gift for someone. I ran across a really great gift for $16 that was regularly almost $80 (I’d budgeted $40) – and absolutely perfect for the birthday girl. And two shirts for another family member for $2.47 each.

And I’ve never found another store that gives me great deals so consistently.So, what I’ve started doing this past month (thanks in no small part to the inspiration I’m getting from my friends’ frugal blogs) is just ask myself, “Do we really need this? Can I sell this, and quickly? Can I gift this within two months, and do I have a specific person in mind (I have a gift shelf in my closet full of un-gifted bargains…)?” If the answer is no, well, then it stays in the store.

Last week I spent only $3.47. Two weeks ago I actually left without spending a dime. A record. I was so proud.

For me, I tend to cut out the moldy part instead of throwing out the whole ball of cheese. I’m not saying it’s always the best approach – I’m sure I’d be better off throwing out the whole ball sometimes.

It just always seems a waste to me to throw out that much good cheese.

We all have to do what works best for us. What I love so much about reading different blogs are the discussions they provoke, the thoughts they inspire, and the changes we make as a result. Or not.

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