The Bachelor Says “No Thank You.”

Tonight the final Two Bachelorettes, who are still Bachelorettes, came back to bitch out Brad.I don’t get why they’re arguing with him.  He’s not wrong not to have fallen in love.  He’s not wrong to have not told them – that’s the premise of the show that they all signed up for, for goodness sake.  It’s not wrong that he dated them and then decided he didn’t want either.

It’s not ingenuine to see that someone is wonderful and has all of the qualities you are looking for, but you just don’t get the butterflies.  It’s not explainable, and they tried to force him to explain.

The whole idea of dating is to try someone on and see if they fit.  If they don’t fit, well, you move on.  What they do with The Bachelor is accellerate the process by having you date 25 people all at once.   If neither of the final two are right for him, why should he have to choose one?  Just because they’re on a TV show?  That has a history of stringing along the women until they get the boot?  I just wonder if that wasn’t his plan all along.

Ladies, have some dignity.  He’s just not that into you.

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Always the Bachelorette

Okay, I admit it.

I looooove reality shows. Apparently the more ridiculous show, the better I like it. But I do draw the line at I Love New York. As much as I enjoy watching a train wreck, I really don’t need to see a close up of the leaking bodily fluids.

My two favorites are Top Chef and Project Runway, even though haute cuisine and haute couture are only interesting to me as crossword puzzle answers. These two shows rarely have much real drama – it’s the competition that’s so intriguing.

Tonight I watched The Bachelor, as I have fairly faithfully all season. Some friends and I just love to snark about the casts of this show. Even if they have a few brain cells the producers and editors rarely fail in making them look like complete and total idiots. Complete and total. They are just so very snarkworthy.

Tonight The Bachelor made his choice, but in case you have it TiVo’d I won’t spoil the surprise for you.

I was struck, though, by what a cast-off Bachelorette said as she was being driven away after being kicked to the curb. Mystified as to why he sent her packing after singing her many praises, she said, “I’m sick of being the one that makes that guy perfect for the next one.”

Amen, sister. I have been that many, many times in my life.

When you find the right one, though, you’ll be reaping the benefits of the modifications made by some other woman who prepped Right Guy for you.

Unless you’re Mary Kay Letourneau. And she’s just creepy.

Another hint, dear. You weren’t likely to meet him on a show where he’s got to date 24 other women. Huh.

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