What kind of blog is this?

I’ve had a Mommy Blog for over a year. I use that to post pictures of my son and the rest of my family, and sometimes the writing is even funny and clever, at least according to me.

I’ve steadfastly avoided beginning a writing blog. Don’t I have enough to do as a wife and mother? Shouldn’t I be cooking and cleaning and expanding my son’s horizons? (short delay in writing as I go rescue one of my son’s toy cars – and my bathroom vanity – and my son – from a soapy fate)?

I keep finding myself thinking about an event or an issue, and have nowhere really satisfying to explore where my thoughts take me. A friend asked me to guest-post on her wildly successful blog while she was away for a few days, and I really enjoyed coming up with the ideas, writing the posts and sitting back and waiting for the silent applause.

Then another friend started a personal finance blog. I started visiting it, and really enjoyed what I was reading on her blog and others she links to. I’m also a pretty frugal girl, and enjoy the hunt for better ways of doing things, and better deals. My husband says that we live as if our income was 50% higher than it actually is, thanks to my planning and plotting and scheming. It’s not poetry, but I think it’s a pretty good compliment.

So, why not a writing blog? I didn’t have it in my mind to start a blog about frugality, but since that’s a large part of me there’ll be lots about it here. It will also, though, be about injustice and happiness and random acts of kindness. You’ll see self-discovery, wisdom and stupidity, people to admire and abhor.

I didn’t start this type of blog for so long because I didn’t want the self-imposed pressure of having to come up with an idea for a daily post. Isn’t that pathetic?

So, it will be what will be. It is what it is. If not now, when?

I could continue with the clichés, but let’s not.


2 Responses to “What kind of blog is this?”

  1. Kate Says:

    Wildly popular, huh? Some days more than others, perhaps…

    There is a pressure to have a blog. A pressure to come up with ideas. You learn to live with the flops and be surprised at the unexpected successes.

    And lots of people just post weekly or so. With the advent of bloglines, those who want to stay caught up will do so without having to remember to check.

  2. remodelingthislife Says:

    I really like it, girl! I’m glad you started it. It’s been fun to read and I love your frugal Christmas ideas.

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