I Just Figured Out Who Priscilla Presley Now Resembles

I’m glad I’m not a traditionally beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I thought it would be horrifying to be that pretty, to get that kind of attention. Especially in high school. I’ve even had my attractive moments (I thought I rocked it pretty well in college).

But I have an actual memory of being twelve years old and thinking to myself, “Well, I may not be gorgeous, but at least I’ll know my husband truly loves me. And I won’t be destroyed by getting wrinkles and stuff.”

Because I’ve never been a drop-dead gorgeous woman, I can’t ever know what that’s like, or how it feels to age, to “lose your looks” when your looks are so much a part of your sense of self.

Take Priscilla Presley. I’ve always thought she was a really, really beautiful woman. She’d aged gracefully, still looking very youthful into her forties and fifties.

She’s on Dancing With the Stars this season, and I’m having a difficult time looking at her. In an effort to stave off aging she’s obviously had a great deal of plastic surgery. I always have a hard time looking at people who’ve done extensive work like hers. Instead of looking younger they look mis-shapen. I don’t think that’s better.

Priscilla, sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong with being sixty-two. No one expects you to look twenty-one, or even thirty. I hope you’re happy with the work you’ve gotten done, but it just makes me sad.

Now looking at you I feel the same way I feel when looking at your good friend Michael Jackson.

As long as you’re happy…

4 Responses to “I Just Figured Out Who Priscilla Presley Now Resembles”

  1. Good Fountain Says:

    I thought the same thing about Priscilla. And I even thought of MJ too. She’s ruined her look.

  2. AnnaLynn Says:

    You sound wonderfully level-headed, and I’m sure your husband loves you deeply.

    Priscilla has had plastic surgery all her adult life. Elvis paid for some of it, that’s how far back it goes. Ears pinned back, dimple in chin filled in – the Elvis Collector’s board has tons more information – including that in April, 2002, the year before she met Dr. Jiffy Lube, Star magazine wrote, “Priscilla Presley’s Plastic Surgery Nightmare!” comparing her to The Joker and quoting friends who said she looked great from a distance, but the closer you got, the scarier she looked.

    I doubt she will ever stop with the plastic surgery.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Priscilla looks very surprised . . . all the time. It’s a shame – she was such a beautiful woman. I read she was treated by some Dr. who is now in jail for injecting her with some sort of bad silicone.

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