Thursday Linklet, the It’s Been Awhile Edition

More evidence that I’m back into blogging – I entered two carnivals this week.

My post Politics was included in The BoBo Carnival of Politics.  The posts in tht carnival run the gamut from liberal to conservative and everywhere in between.

I also entered the Carnival of Money Stories with my post AmTrust Canceling my HELOC. Goodbye, safety net! There are always terrific stories there.

Thanks to the editors for including me, and for all their hard work!


Remind Me To Never Go to Taipei…

From last year's  birthday trip to Metrozoo, where his only interest was the restrooms...

From last year's birthday trip to Metrozoo, where his only interest was the restrooms...

Everyone who reads my blog knows that Son’s favorite thing is a restroom.  Ever since he was a baby he has been fascinated by toilets, and they day he discovered a urinal our whole lives changed.  He wanted to be a urinal for Halloween, and whenever you ask him what he wants for his birthday his answer is invariably “A restroom!”

One of last year's efforts.  Today's are much more detailed.

One of last year's efforts. Today's are much more detailed.

Thank goodness he doesn’t  know about this restaurant in Taipei, the brainchild of someone who is obviously a kindred spirit to Son.  Or four years old.

“The servers bring your meal atop a mini toilet bowl (quite convenient, as it brings the food closer to your mouth), you sip drinks from your own plastic urinal (a souvenir), and soft-swirl ice cream arrives for dessert atop a dish shaped like a squat toilet.” toilet_rest_0219

Seriously, who wants to eat food that looks like poop?  Out of a toilet bowl.  While sipping upon one. Here are some more photos, for those who appreciate my not  posting them directly.

I’m one that loves desserts.  But you can bet your ass that I’m not eating ice cream called “diarrhea with dried droppings” (chocolate), “bloody poop” (strawberry) and “green dysentery” (kiwi). But my, how Son would love it!

No, we’ll not be going to Taipei.  But if any of you go, would you please bring Son one of the souvenier urinal cups?  He’d be ever so grateful…

Just really, really cool.

Love the video.  Love the song.  Love it.

Had to share it.

Clickworthy This Week

I’m going to be starting a new feature acknowledging some of the great articles I’ve come across in my reader. Many bloggers do not submit posts to blog carnivals, so their wonderful wisdom (may or) may not get the audience I think is deserved. Some of the articles may appear in a Carnival – I don’t read the minds of bloggers to know which ones they’ll submit for consideration. At least not yet…

Some great reads from my feed reader this week:

Ramblings of a Pseudo Intellectual writes a thought provoking post about the impact of marketers and the often unconscious need to keep up with the Joneses in her post Sticky.

Funny About Money tells us why we really should be buying locally in Celebrate America: Shop local! It really is better for all of us.

I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… writes about Long Term Disability Insurance – First Steps.  Disability insurance is, to me, the most important insurance to have.  Kudos to PaidTwice for taking those first steps.

That’s it for this week.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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