Saving Us From Those Troublemaking Hot Wheels

Today Son was very good at school (after a new trend of misbehavior), so I decided to really acknowledge said good  behavior in an attempt to show that listening and following rules was much more fun than the alternative. We did the hugs and kisses and calls to Daddy, and frequent discussion.  Earlier I had to return something at Target, so while there I allowed Son to choose a Hot Wheels car  (on sale for $.92, by the way).  This wasn’t a reward, per se, but to show that boys that behave have lots more fun.

After returning home we chose to take advantage of the gorgeous weather, so Son, Dog and I went for a walk around  our complex.  As we passed the pool I noticed a (relatively?) new sign posted by the entrance:

“Dogs?  Check.  Cats?  Check.  Skateboards and roller skates?  Check.  And don’t forget those damn toy cars!”

Why Hot Wheels? Are Matchbox cars allowed?  The Barbie Corvette?  What did Hot Wheels ever do to them?

Then I thought that perhaps the Association had become more hip than I, so I checked the Urban Dictionary to see if  “Hot Wheels” had a meaning other than die-cast metal toy cars.  There are apparently a few other meanings, but since I don’t think the Association would be banning hot girls in wheelchairs nor annoying paraplegics, I can’t think of anything they could mean besides these toys.

I’d love to hear your ideas, however creative, as to why they may have been banned.

i’m not even Mentioning the interesting Capitalization Choices.



5 Responses to “Saving Us From Those Troublemaking Hot Wheels

  1. Alison Says:

    I’m guessing they are referring not to toy cars, but rather to heelies, you know the shoes with wheels that pop out so they become pseudo-skates. But um, a little research before actually creating the sign would be nice.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I’m with Alison, I figured they meant Heelies. Not that I’m the hippest person in the world but I’ve never heard them called Hot Wheels.

  3. Christi Says:

    First thing that came to mind after trying to decipher the terminology was perhaps Big Wheels. However, I don’t even think they make those anymore. Alison and Lisa are probably more on target here.

  4. funnyaboutmoney1 Says:

    Yah, I think Alison’s right: they just got the brand name wrong. Around here several stores have posted signs banning tennies with wheels in them.

    And none of that taping Hot Wheels Porsches to the bottoms of your shoes and rolling around on those, either!

  5. Mr Geek Says:

    I think Alison is probably right about them meaning heelies, but I like to imagine they mean something like this …

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