6 Responses to “Your Safe Deposit Box Isn’t As Safe As You Think It Is”

  1. Tipper Says:

    Makes you wonder if we should go back to putting valuables in mason jars and burying them in the back yard.

  2. Dividends4Life Says:

    That’s really scary. thanks for sharing it!

    Best Wishes,

  3. Emily @ Taking Charge Says:

    Wow — I knew about missingmoney.com and unclaimed property, but I had no idea states were taking things from living peoples’ safety deposit boxes. That is unreal! Shocking that legislators would vote for lowering the dormant period to as little as three years, and even consider one year. Countless people have accounts they just leave alone for several years. That is just wrong.

  4. Erica Says:

    This just recently happened to my grandmother and she has a long time ACTIVE checking account with the bank. Her marriage license, husband’s death certificate, deeds, titles, insurance documents, etc. were shredded. The bank’s response was that they sent her certified mail (even though the proof showed that the mail was returned because she only receives correspondence at her p.o. box not home address). What’s ironic is that her bank info comes directly to her p.o. box.

    • Jake Says:

      Hey Erica – same thing has happened to me. Just wondering if anything happened to make things right with your grandmother? I’m ready to proceed with a lawsuit (unless they fix this somehow – good luck to them)!

      I had 1 or 2 questions for you directly if you don’t mind. If you are still reading this – would you reply so I get in touch with you?


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