I Don’t Wanna Work

I got a job, even though I wasn’t looking for one.

A friend called to ask if I would help her in her business. The girl who had been helping her decided to get a full-time position, so she offered me the opportunity.

There’s a lot of great news about this job:

I can work from home, or anywhere there’s an internet connection. That gives me fairly good flexibility. If a job comes in and I’m not at home I can just skedaddle over to the nearest place with wifi and get to work, or I can tell my friend that I can’t take that particular assignment.

The money is good. I’ll get paid either per page or per report, and it’s much more than I’d make working retail.

We don’t need the income for our day to day expenses. That means that we’ll be able to accumulate more money for our next house, our next car and our retirement.

It’s something new. Having been home with Son for nearly four years there’s not been much to challenge me. I’ll have to learn something new, which is always a good thing.

It’s deadline oriented. The work is time-sensitive. I’ve not been too disciplined lately, and this will force me to stay on task.

Really, it’s very nearly a dream position.

Then why am I so NOT excited?

I just don’t wanna.

I love my lifestyle.

I love that I don’t have to answer to anyone.

I love that I can leave the house without a plan and let the day unfold.

I love that I can pull into the train station on a whim and sit with Son watching trains go by.

I love that I can go see Husband’s grandmother and play cards with her all afternoon.

I love that I can go to three grocery stores and not have to rush.

I love that I can nap when Son does.

But I am a part of the team that is this family. And given that this is a near-perfect opportunity, I feel that it’s my responsibility to take the job.

It’s going to be an adjustment, but I’ll adjust.

I just don’t wanna.


9 Responses to “I Don’t Wanna Work”

  1. Funny about Money Says:

    🙂 I have a research assistant who’s looking for exactly that kinda job. If you really, really REALLY hate it, tell your friend there’s a very competent person out here who’d be happy to take the job off your hands. Maybe she could be first in the line that forms outside the door?

  2. Good Fountain Says:

    I would feel exactly the same as you. I hope such a job doesn’t find me.

  3. Tipper Says:

    I totally understand all the reasons you don’t wanna and all the reasons your gonna.

  4. Karen Says:

    Well done for putting the family finances first – it can’t have been easy, but you did choose wisely.

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  6. AMG Says:

    Sounds perfect, yet I can relate.

  7. Festival Of Frugality Says:

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