So much to do!!!! Time for a breather…


This whole moving thing is making me quite busy!  There is so much to do – but the good thing is that I don’t have too little time.  We’ll likely not move until June 1st…

That of course doesn’t make me want to get everything done right away.  I’ve already chosen and bought most of the paint, bought  a dresser, headboard (that I will torn into a shelf) and desk on Craigslist for $40, where I also scored 8 of these brand new chairs for $5 apiece (did I mention there are 4 patios?!!?!!!)!



This is a very exciting time for our family.  Today we went over to  the house and Husband started prepping the walls for paint, not a stress-free experience.   Lots of ugly shelving, old and sticky shelving, painted-over unrepaired damage and inexplicable holes in the wall.   Thirty years of often-shoddy repair work means Husband was promising serious bodily harm to the unknown person or persons if their identity ever becomes known.

Me?   I started prepping the library – soon to be Son’s playroom – to be transformed from 70’s creep to kid-friendly chic:


Son amused himself while I worked, and afterward I let him jump into the pool with all his clothes on. We had fun.

It’s important to me that we enjoy this process as much as possible, and take breathers when needed.   There is still lots to do, and I’ll blog about some of the stuff I’m going through, some of the deals I find and some of the challenges we face.

Won’t this be fun?!!!!


5 Responses to “So much to do!!!! Time for a breather…”

  1. Good Fountain Says:

    It will be fun! I think it’s great to take the attitude to enjoy the process.

    And maybe give Son a paintbrush and let him go to town on one of the walls in the playroom!

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  3. funnyaboutmoney1 Says:

    LOL! “Fun” is in the eye (and aching back…) of the beholder!

    That’s quite a shelving unit…would be great for stashing toys and kid books. Are you going to try to salvage it, or just take it out? It could be kinda cool if it were painted in primary colors.

  4. BeThisWay Says:

    Funny, they are built-in and terrificly well-made. Part of me feels bad for painting such good wood, but with paneling behind them there is no way to make them look good without painting it all one color – at least in my opinion.

    Besides, this isn’t my house, so I don’t want to go too crazy with color – my Dad had most of the walls painted white and I don’t want to cause a heart attack! When I told him I was painting one wall in Son’s room bright green he blanched, but I assured him we’d re-paint it when we leave.

    I’m going to paint the shelves and the paneling behind it an antique white – same as what we’ll do with the trim. The walls will likely be a pale green, which will look good with the pergo floors.


  5. Mr Geek Says:

    Your dad sounds very trusting 🙂

    And you must be very patient as Mrs Geek would have been chomping at the bit to move in.

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