Time To Increase the Grocery Budget. Or Eat A Lot Less.

Alison made a very interesting comment on her blog This Wasn’t In The Plan. She mentioned that other bloggers were talking about higher food prices, but she hadn’t noticed much of an increase anywhere but at Costco.


I buy all of my meat and most of my dairy at Costco, and boy, do I notice a difference!

I used to pay $3.29 for 36 eggs at Costco. The other day I paid $5.39. Milk was $2.39. Now $3.99. Cheese was $7.79. Now $10.29.

And it’s not just dairy. Hamburger meat is up from $2.99 a pound to $3.29. Eight pound bags of frozen chicken breasts were $10.69 and are now $14.69. a 2-pack of bread went from $3.29 to $4.69. I could go on and on…

Egads! Stop the madness!!!!

I have also noticed large price increases in produce, but I’ve switched to buying most of that at the local farmer’s market, which charges significantly less than my grocery store.

Curiously, non-fresh foods are not seeing these whopping increases. I’m thinking that’s because fresh foods are mostly provided locally. There’s little product backlog and they have an easier time implementing price changes due to increased costs.

Well, it sounds good, anyway.

I have also noticed smaller, less outrageous price increases at the regular grocery store, especially in canned and packaged goods.

I’m afraid these price increases are just beginning. That’s scary.



9 Responses to “Time To Increase the Grocery Budget. Or Eat A Lot Less.”

  1. lclive Says:

    Go veggie. It’s cheaper and better for your health and the environment. Pretty soon meat will be a luxury–as it should be–and consumed sparingly as in third world countries.

  2. Emily Says:

    I’ve noticed big increases and I don’t shop at Costco.

    I’m paying $4.50/gallon of non-organic milk and chicken forget it, it’s so expensive we just stopped eating it.

    We’re eating way more fresh from the fruit and veggie stand and vegetarian to help cut costs but we’ve still upped our weekly grocery bill from $60 to $80.

  3. Funny about Money Says:

    Prices are headed for orbit here, too. Also, some “real foods” (as opposed to highly processed foods) are no longer available–a friend who likes to make rye bread and buckwheat pancakes from scratch can’t find rye or buckwheat flour anywhere, even at Sprouts.

    I made a serendipitous discovery: break a habit to save grocery bills. If you drink alcohol or pop or if you smoke, quit. All these are black holes for grocery dollars. Plus none of ’em are very good for you. Get rid of the fave vice and more of your grocery budget can go to food.

    Also, Safeway (and presumably other stores) occasionally has specials on various kinds of beef roasts that are far cheaper by the pound than hamburger, whose price is presently outrageous. If you buy a roast on sale at a store that has a staffed butcher counter, they’ll grind it into hamburger for you. for some of these roasts, that’s the highest and best use of the meat…and it’s LOTS cheaper than burger.

    If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, check out some of their dairy prices. Historically, their butter has been way cheaper than any regular store in town. Recently I’ve noticed it’s gone up, but since I don’t use much butter, I haven’t paid any attention to grocery store prices for it over the past two or three weeks. I don’t eat eggs or milk so can’t advise, but those who do know the prices should compare TJ with the supermarket.

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  6. parsnipsaplenty Says:

    In case you haven’t seen this site already, it’s my new favorite:


  7. Frank Schulte-Ladbeck Says:

    I have made the effort this year to grow more of my own vegetables, which has worked out pretty well. Otherwise, I found grocery store prices to fluctuate from store to store, so I have checked out different stores on my normal driving route. I do not drive out of my way, and I have developed a pretty good list of places to save on certain items.

  8. eltentwelve Says:

    Everything is just going up and yet the salary is still stuck.

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