What a Deal! Just Not for YOU, Florida…

I ran across an article titled Publix Penny Products at Pennies to Nickels today (part of the Festival of Frugality) . I was immediately intrigued because Publix is my local grocery store, I already take advantage of many of their coupons and other savings strategies.  If they have some penny products I certainly want to get me some!

Apparently Publix offers these special products on Sundays and Mondays, and if you spend $10 or more you can get the item for a penny. PTN’s article focused on the fact that you don’t usually need the coupon, included in the Sunday newspaper Publix flier, in order to get the deal.

Those of you who are regular readers know that frugality is not just a hobby for me, it’s what feels right. So to miss a special like this, on my home court, is just so very wrong. My first emotion was a little bit like panic. WHAT? Publix has a penny mystery item, and I don’t know about it??????????

Is Hell actually freezing over???

Upon further research, I found out that like double coupons, Publix doesn’t offer the mystery item in Florida. Just…doesn’t.

My near-panic changed to extreme irked-ness.

Why the heck not?

I want to know.

I’ve got my theories about the whole double coupons thing – an obvious conspiracy between Publix and Winn Dixie to keep that savings windfall from Floridians (Oh, no. I’m sounding like Husband now…). I’ve long been unhappy about that.

This new blow to my frugalability has spurred me to action. So, I am going to write an itty bitty e-mail to Publix and see what generic, not-really-addressing-the-question response I’ll get.

I’ll keep you posted.


10 Responses to “What a Deal! Just Not for YOU, Florida…”

  1. Emily Says:

    You know, I had heard about the penny item from out of state publix shoppers and never seen it here but never went so far as to figure out why. I’ll be interested to hear their response to your email!

  2. paidtwice Says:

    This post made me laugh out loud.

    Not because you don;t get the deal, that stinks.

    But because I can just picture you sitting at your computer saying WHAT??? HOW DID I MISS THIS DEAL????


  3. Deborah Says:

    I had no IDEA that Florida shoppers didn’t get the doubled coupons or the penny products. I’ve been bragging to my sister (a Floridian – is that what y’all are called?) for MONTHS about this.

    Who ever would have guessed that there are advantages to living in Alabama? 🙂

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    […] Still, it’s a wee bit slimy, don’t you think? Especially since they don’t give us mystery deals or let us double our coupons. […]

  6. debbie outlaw Says:

    I watched a “frugality” special on morning TV Thursday and the lady got double coupons and the bag was Publix, yahoo I thought but now I find out we don’t get them, I am waiting to hear your reply from them…..

  7. Melissa Says:

    Publix does accept all competitors coupons though. That is saying a lot more than any other grocery store. You can use coupons from target, albertsons, cvs, etc. and combined with manufactures coupons and BOGO deals. In that respect, I feel Publix is really the better deal than any supermarket around… and I’ve done my research.

  8. REv Will Says:

    Is it possible that we could circulate a petition to force Publix to honor those same deals and double coupons in Florida too, I for on amd sick and tired of NOT getting to double coupons and paying way higher food bills for my family. My sister lives in another state and her food bill with the same size family is 1/3 because of double coupons. Also is it me or are there far fewer coupons in the Sunday paper here than in other states?

    NY state had the same thing happen to them and the grocers and food companies were sued for millions and forced to print free $10.00 off any purchase coupons because of the purposful evasion of coupon printing.

    • Christina Says:

      I say, Let the Petition BEGIN! I’m in total agreement that Publix-Florida- should double our coupons up to $1.00!!! I’m in!!

  9. Susan Says:

    Sounds like all grocery store chains in Florida need a Federal investigation on their price fixing, which is what they are doing by agreeing not to allow discounts that they freely use for competition in other states.

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